Dear you, 

Life’s greatest joy is in living each moment to the fullest. It is being fearless and reaping the rewards from the things that bring meaning and joy to us. 

But despite our best efforts, along the way we begin to feel like we are losing control of our journey. We begin to ask ourselves who we are and why we act the way we do.

We soon start to feel alone and a creeping sense of doom begins to engulf us. As our life begins to lose its rhythm, and the little joys fade away, we get trapped in self-doubt. We believe “we are not good enough” or that “we are not deserving enough” of happiness, love and abundance. These beliefs resonate like a strong voice in our head, harsh and punishing. This plays out in our relationships, in our parenting or at work. 

Sounds familiar? 

You may believe this is happening only to you, just like I did. It was overwhelming and scary, and it took away the joy from each day. 

When I tried to reach out, I didn’t get the response I “needed”, and I felt even more defeated. My thoughts and behaviours became more self sabotaging than I can explain.

I knew that a lot of my negative behaviors were related to losing my mother to suicide and never really coming back from there. I was frozen in time and needed to heal. I wanted to understand her pain, mine and so much more. My life was in the depths of darkness.

I was done with that life. I began to explore the reasons that I failed at my relationships, why I struggled at work, why I was extremely sensitive, and so on. The more I read, the more I understood and the more I healed. Eventually,  joy came back into my life.

Suddenly I did not feel less worthy, or not good enough, or angry or pained. And I wasn’t feeling lonely or anxious or depressed anymore. 

I finally began to understand why I was the way I was. Therefore, I began to accept who I was. I realized that by understanding, accepting, and fulfilling my needs, and by taking care of myself, I could finally allow myself to feel deserving and loveable. If I rejected myself, how could I expect anyone else to accept me? 

From my journey of self-discovery, the idea of Safe Space was born. 

Today, the organization has a keen mission to create safe spaces in society where we can talk about trauma, abuse, suicide, and mental health without any judgment. It’s a space where people feel heard and understood. A space where we can explore and heal the deep pain in our lives.

We have a two-pronged approach: 

  1. Create Safe Spaces through training schools,companies,universities and families.We partnered with the National Center for Suicide Prevention UK to bring the First Aid programme.

  2. Learning the signs of emotional distress & suiciding behaviours.

  3. Developing the skills to have a safety conversation.

  4. Safety planning & support for person at risk

  1. Create Safe Spaces to explore the self in relation to ourselves and the world around us. For this, we partnered with the Glendon Association. I personally did these e-courses and found it truly helped me understand and accept myself. These are available for you here.

  2. Self Discovery: one on one sessions.

  3.  Ecourses and Workshops.

  4. Support Groups.