The content in the e-courses and articles is from PscyhAlive and Glendon Association, who are our partners. In my journey and quest to understand myself I chanced upon the work of Dr. Robert Firestone. Doing their e-courses (available on this site) I began to understand myself and heal. I reached out to them to make their courses and content available to people in India, and we decided to partner. Thus, the content here is developed by the experts at PscyhAlive and Glendon Association.

How can you heal?


Become your True Self

Are you living the life you were destined to live, or are you living according to negative programming from your past? In this four-week eCourse, Dr. Lisa Firestone, Co-author of The Self Under Siege will introduce an innovative approach to differentiating from negative familial and societal influences that prevent people from living a fulfilling life of personal meaning. This course can help you, as an individual interested in your personal development, to learn to live free of prescribed identities and become the unique individual you have the potential to be.


Do it at your pace and your time. 


Course Outline

Week 1: An Introduction to Differentiation

Week 2: Separation Theory: The Roots of Personal Identity

Week 3: 4 Steps for Achieving Differentiation

Week 4: Creating a Unique and Meaningful Life

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Learning to love means becoming more mindful and aware of the ways we defend ourselves against painful childhood experiences, creating barriers in our current relationships to optimal loving. In this progressive six-week course with Dr. Lisa Firestone, participants will gain insights and learn invaluable relationship-building tools through features that include: videos from psychology experts, interactive presentations, self-reflective journal exercises and reading assignments. In this e-course, you will learn methods for overcoming the barriers that lie within and enhance their capacity for loving and being loved.

Do it at your pace and your time. 


In this course, you will learn the tools to develop yourself in your relationships. These include:
1.  Defining Love
2. Understanding Partner Selection
3. Recognizing How and Why We Defend Against Love
4. Identifying and “Challenging Your Critical Inner Voice”
5. Distinguishing Real Love From a Fantasy Bond
6. Becoming More Loving


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Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives. But how much are we letting this inner critic control us? Are our actions based on what we really feel and believe, or are we living our lives based on our inner critic’s negative programming? Learning to effectively overcome our ‘critical inner voice’ is crucial to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success.

This six-week e-course with Dr. Lisa Firestone, author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, will explore how to counter negative thinking and live free from the imagined limitations we place on ourselves. eCourse participants will learn how to identify the destructive thoughts or ‘critical inner voices’ that interfere in all areas of their lives and often lead to self-sabotage. Through multimedia-rich presentations, participants will discover the source of these negative thought patterns, as well as hands-on ways to combat them. Self-reflective exercises, such as journal activities and quizzes, will help individuals to differentiate from these internalized negative influences and live more fulfilling goal-oriented lives. Participants will also learn effective tools that can be used to challenge and overcome these destructive inner thoughts and to more effectively cope with anxiety, depression, personal relationships, and career.

This e-course is designed to help individuals who want to break free from self-critical thoughts and develop themselves to achieve their goals in life.


Do it at your pace and your time. 

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What could be more important than understanding your story and how it shapes who you are? Attachment research demonstrates that making sense of your past is the best predictor of your ability to shape your future as a parent. Research shows that when we fail to make sense of our past, we find ourselves reliving and recreating it, essentially having past experiences of hurt re-emerge over and over again. We carry around deep wounds, behaviors, and beliefs about ourselves from our earliest attachments that unconsciously direct our lives.

In this e-course, Drs. Dan Siegel and Lisa Firestone will draw upon the latest neurobiological research, attachment theory, and clinical experience to guide you through the process of creating a coherent narrative in order to make sense of your life. This process can help you resolve old traumas, big and small so that they no longer haunt you in your life today. When you create a coherent narrative, you actually rewire your brain to cultivate security within yourself and your relationships.

Through guided writing exercises and integrative activities, you will get to know yourself on a deep level. Additionally, this eCourse will provide you with tools for ongoing growth, so you can better integrate your emotions, heal insecure attachment, and flourish in all your relationships. 

Do it at your pace and your time. 

This e-course will:

  • Lead you through a fascinating process of self-discovery

  • Provide a framework for resolving childhood traumas

  • Clarify how childhood attachment patterns may be affecting your life today

  • Explain how you can develop a secure attachment in adulthood

  • Draw upon cutting edge neurobiological research to explain how you can rewire your brain to become more present, secure, and empowered in your life today

  • Offer step-by-step guidelines for how to construct a coherent narrative

  • Provide you with tools for better understanding and integrating your emotions


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These days, there are countless methods being introduced as the “best” way to parent. The truth is, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home dad, there are many good and healthy ways to be a parent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. While they vary greatly in technique, a flaw in many of these methods is the exaggerated pressure on parents to look outward. Most parenting advice instructs on how to be with children in order to control or modify their behavior. Yet, research has shown that there is one thing all people can do to be a better parent focus on themselves.

In order for parents to have a positive effect on their children, they must be willing to look at their own past. How does their childhood inform their style of parenting? Every person can hugely benefit their children by learning and practicing self-understanding. In this e-course, Dr. Lisa Firestone and child mental health specialist Joyce Catlett will draw on 30 years of key research and their own clinical experience to introduce the compassionate approach to parenting. This five-week course will highlight vital steps all parents can take to better understand themselves and the ways they relate to and affect their children.

The course will help parents to:

  • Exercise compassion toward themselves and their experiences

  • Make a cohesive narrative out of their story

  • Understand the deep emotions triggered by interactions with their children

  • Be mindful of influences from their past

  • Conquer critical self-attacks that undermine their ability to parent

  • Understand their attachment style with their own parents and their children

  • Learn to see and feel for their children as separate and unique individuals

  • Raise kids with a true sense of self-worth

  • Learn the essential distinction between self-compassion over self-esteem

  • Practice mindfulness and calmness in moments of stress

  • Learn hands-on tools to acknowledge, communicate with and discipline their children

By getting to know themselves and their history, parents can become far more attuned to and mindful of their child’s needs separate from their own unconscious projections. Parents can focus on taking care of their own mental health, so they don’t “act out” in irrational or emotional ways towards their children. They can learn to provide a secure base for their children while allowing them to explore their world as free and able individuals.

When parents ask themselves the question of what kind of child they want to raise, they must recognize the ways their own feelings and behaviors shape this human being. This course asks parents to have a passion for their own lives that will naturally extend to their children, to lead by example, and be brave in their willingness to know themselves. By gaining a strong sense of themselves, practicing compassionate and mindful parenting, people give their children a solid foundation to build their own emerging sense of self.

Do it at your pace and your time. 


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