Glendon Association

Glendon Association is an organization with a mission to save lives and enhance mental health by addressing the social problems of suicide, violence, child abuse and troubled interpersonal relationships.

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PsychAlive is a website created by Glendon to bring psychological information to the general public. The articles, blogs, videos, and workshops featured on PsychAlive introduce visitors to sound psychological principles and practices, while offering an insightful means of coping with life’s everyday problems. 

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National Centre for Suicide Prevention

The National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education & Training CIC is a community interest company and not-for-profit social enterprise, created by a consultancy of experienced international trainers in the field of suicide prevention, we founded in 2011.

We have been working in the UK to build suicide-safer communities for many years and in recognition of the lack of dedicated resources to suicide prevention training programmes, we created a formal international initiative, on a not-for-profit basis.

The National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education & Training UK CIC is proud to have forged and developed lasting collaborative relationships with many of the UK’s leading suicide prevention specialists, all sharing the common beliefs, values and hope, that suicide, is one the the most preventable deaths.

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