Have you ever been told that you might not be great at conversation? Have you ever wanted to be interesting to a crowd? 

This deck can help you do just that. It not only helps you hold a conversation, but also helps you start many more, and get to deeper, more meaningful exchanges while you explore aspects of relationships, work, spirituality and many more. You can play this with your friends, as an experience to go places you have never gone. Don't rush, take time to reveal and let be revealed


    1. Take turns picking cards at random from the various categories and use the prompts as conversation starters to initiate discussions across themes. 

    We at Safe Space, have The big dream is for people to experience a life free of emotional pain. The aim is to enable people to understand their pain and make sense of it, in order to emotionally regulate, heal, and lead happier lives. We believe by understanding  and acknowledging what we have gone through, we can begin to develop an understanding of ourselves, accept ourselves, and begin healing. All games are rooted in research of neuroscience and psychology