The best relationships are the ones that provide space for open communication. This not only helps you to put forward your needs that you expect to be met, but also aids in building trust and mutual respect. However, it is equally important to remember to be a good listener while your partner communicates what they want. 

This deck is a go-to for doing just that. You will be amazed to see how much you will learn about your partner while navigating through topics like intimacy, in- laws, infidelity, forgiveness and many more. 

Heart to Heart

  • This deck can provide a structure for having difficult but important conversations in a relationship. Pick cards at random and take turns discussing your view on the prompts provided. 

    We at Safe Space, have The big dream is for people to experience a life free of emotional pain. The aim is to enable people to understand their pain and make sense of it, in order to emotionally regulate, heal, and lead happier lives. We believe by understanding and acknowledging what we have gone through, we can begin to develop an understanding of ourselves, accept ourselves, and begin healing. All games are rooted in research of neuroscience and psychology 

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