Shhh – here's a fun game to play with a group of friends to start bold conversations! The best exchanges are the ones in which you don't hold back and are able to open up about the more intimate aspects of yourself. So, get ready to share as much as you like, as deeply as you like, and explore new conversations free of reservations. 


The deck is divided into 5 categories – Relation ship/Self, Work/Money, Sex, Experiences and Family Dice: Number and Category 

1: Relationship/Self 

2: Work/Money 

3. Sex 

4: Experiences 

5: Family 

Off the Record

  • Roll the dice, pick a card at random from the category you get and see where it takes you. Surprise yourself and be surprised with the answers people open up about and how much you discover about yourself 


    We at Safe Space, have The big dream is for people to experience a life free of emotional pain. The aim is to enable people to understand their pain and make sense of it, in order to emotionally regulate, heal, and lead happier lives. We believe by understanding and acknowledging what we have gone through, we can begin to develop an understanding of ourselves, accept ourselves, and begin healing. All games are rooted in research of neuroscience and psychology