Soothe yourself, a game of self-care, memory and calm. We all experience emotional distress, burnout, frustration and emotional upheaval. We struggle to “soothe” ourselves as we may not have been taught this skill earlier on. In this game, we have shared 30 self-care activities to help with emotional destressing, and regulation for a peaceful and harmonious being. This game works on the subconscious by allowing these activities to become accessible to you when you need it the most. Play it with friends, partners, children or just for yourself. 

Soothe Yourself

  • 1. Place all card face down (there are two cards per activity) place all 60 cards face down random and not in pairs 

    2. Pick up a card, look at its picture, remember where you might have seen its pair and create the pairs one by one 

    3. Play with children to enhance memory power, observation, emotional literacy and self-emotional regulation. 


    We at Safe Space, have The big dream is for people to experience a life free of emotional pain. The aim is to enable people to understand their pain and make sense of it, in order to emotionally regulate, heal, and lead happier lives. We believe by understanding and acknowledging what we have gone through, we can begin to develop an understanding of ourselves, accept ourselves, and begin healing. All games are rooted in research of neuroscience and psychology.