We believe we are entrenched in our values, which is key,  but also when asked to articulate them, we struggle. Have  we ever really sat down and identified our core values and  therefore who we are at the core.  


Values are who we are, and our behavior is in  accordance with them. Brene Brown’s research on vulnerability suggests that we have “suffering” when we don’t live  by our values, and the gap between who we are and who  we want to be exists. We go into people pleasing, fights,  isolation and are driven by being validated by others.  


The aim is to have deep unconditional self-regard and self  worth, and to stand for who we are through our values and  behavior. Else, we might feel this endless loop of getting  external validation that leads to emotional distress when  we don’t achieve it and we keep trying to change and  become what everyone else wants us to be. Be yourself! 


The Key to a healthy relationship with a partner is when  we have aligned values, or certain overlapping values. Play  this with your partner, spouse to be for an ever-lasting  bond of togetherness. 

Unapologetically Me

  • 1. Choose 20 values from this list 

    2. Bring it further down to 6  

    3. Identify your top two 

    4. Keep a journal for a month, daily listing behaviors that  are aligned to the values or misaligned 

    5. If misaligned, change behavior consciously, or take on  a new value as that chosen one may not be your true  value.  


    Playing it with your growing children, also allows you to  understand values that are unique to them as individuals. It will allow your child to have resilience and self-worth,  and allow you to connect with your child for who they are  and respect their views and choices as individuals. 


    We at Safe Space, have the big dream is for people to  experience a life free of emotional pain.  The aim is to  enable people to understand their pain and make sense of  it, in order to emotionally regulate, heal, and lead happier  lives. We believe by understanding and acknowledging  what we have gone through, we can begin to develop an  understanding of ourselves, accept ourselves, and begin  healing. All games are rooted in research of neuroscience  and psychology.