These are 1:1 sessions, but it is not therapy or life coaching. It helps you identify the triggers in your life, balance your values, align your goals and behaviors, and find emotional regulation.

Self-discovery is a fun, yet truly meaningful reconnection with oneself. Many of us go through life almost on auto-pilot. When we reach a point and look back, we think "this is not where I want to be", or "thought who I would be". It then requires us to take a look at ourselves and ask, who am I, and what do I want from my life?

Self-discovery is that journey of inward reflection. It is understanding the true workings of what makes us, uniquely us. It answers the question “who I am”, encourages healing, identifying what a meaningful life looks like to you, and understanding what is getting in the way of you living your best life.


  • It helps you heal.

  • It helps you to never feel alone.

  • It gives your life meaning.

  • It helps you become confident in who you are.

  • It helps you create your own reality.

I felt with Self-discovery through journaling, that the missing piece which I was looking for in life has shown up. The unconscious beliefs, our own customized roadblocks, our self-sabotaging habits, and thoughts are all that stops us from seeing the light within. She helps release so much pent-up emotion which is not only unnecessary but also a burden we carry without being aware.We are our own heroes and only we can take care and save ourselves in the kindest way possible. Within a couple of sessions, I’m feeling a huge shift in my stress levels. I feel more mindful and aware and responsible (in a freeing way) about every aspect of life. I felt I knew it all about myself but clearly, I didn’t. I’m learning, unlearning, and rediscovering myself in the most profound and fun way. I can’t wait to more amazed by my own potential! I would recommend her to every human on the planet who feels less than enough or Blissful


The session made me feel absolutely comfortable to share things that I don’t even tell myself. For a long time, I was hesitant and closer to the idea of sharing my life with anyone. But finally, I did and it was amazing. Had several breakthroughs, improvised relationships, better communication. Writing has really helped me and I made it a regular part of my life. Thank you


Self-Discovery through Journaling sessions are always eye-opening. After every session, I could see a shift in my thought process. Since my childhood, I was suffering from anxiety and the worst part was I was not even aware of this after a few sessions I am experiencing calmness and anxiety has reduced to a greater extent. The best part about her sessions she just guides you to become aware of yourself which helps to speed up the healing process. In 10 sessions I could make a huge shift in my life. Now I feel more confident, secure and clear about my decisions.


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