It is being fearless and reaping the rewards of a meaningful life. But, along the way we begin to feel like we are losing control. We begin to ask ourselves who we are? And why do we act the way we do? sometimes even opposite to what we truly want. In all of this, we feel we are alone and a creeping sense of doom begins to engulf. This could play out in our relationships, parenting or at work. 

Well, the first piece of good news is, we understand! We welcome you on this journey of discovery of “who you are”, and “why you are”, without judgment, but with love and acceptance of “I am”.

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TASPC 2021 is India’s Trauma, Addiction and Suicide Prevention Conference, an annual event brough to you by Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP) and Safe Space. 

The Conference brings together global speakers on to a virtual stage to collaborate and engage with the latest evidence based research, science, methodologies and approaches towards the goal of Suicide prevention, and its underpinnings in Trauma and Addiction. 


India has the largest number of suicides globally, and we are noticing an increasing trend. It is for this reason, the conference aims to bring the focus and attention to developing a platform and framework for Suicide Prevention in India. IAPP, has launched several programs in this area of work and continues to be a prominent driver in this space. 

The conference has speakers from varied frontiers, Clinicians and Researchers who have spent several decades in this field of Trauma, Addiction and Suicide. The conference is accessible online, on 25 & 26th Sepetmber 2021, in the World Suicide Prevention month. 


It is open to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Students of Psychiatry and Psychology, School Counsellors and Researchers in the field. 


About Indian Association of Private Psychiatry

The Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP) is one of the largest association of privately practicing psychiatrists in India.  In April 2000 the IAPP was formally formed with the 1st conference in Delhi . It was inaugurated by the then Health Minister of India . The subsequent conferences were at Jodhpur , Cochin , Varanasi & at Chennai. In addition to this the Mid Term CMEs have been conducted across the country on various topics close to the heart of private practioners. Symposiums on Attempted Suicide , Workshop on Art of Psychiatry & Research Strategies For the Clinician in the 21st. century were other notable initiatives.


IAPP is largest body of Private Psychiatrists in the country and has representations from every state of India with numerous state branches and subcommittees doing work in various areas of mental health propagation and knowledge

About Safe Space


Safe Space is India’s only organisation working in the space of Suicide Prevention, Intervention an Postvention. Safe Space houses an evidence based  , skill development training qualification in Crisis/Suicide First Response. In collaboration with the National Centre of Suicide Prevention Education and Training UK, and Glendon Association USA, brings the latest developments in Suicide Prevention to India. From the Prevention perspective, it trains Clinicians and lay people in crisis response at various levels, develops psychology and neuroscience based tools for mental wellbeing and emotional regulation. The organisation has conducted over 600+ first responses in suicide will all people living safe lives today. In addition it runs bereavement support groups for those bereaved by suicide. Safe Space believes that Suicide Is Preventable, and with belonging, healing and connection, we can keep people safe, and develop a life worth living.

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