The Source 

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Safe Space is rooted in research and sound psychological principles and practises. It draws from leading psychologists and researchers like Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. John Bowlby, Dr. Lisa Firestone, Dr. Robert Firestone, and many more who have made path breaking contributions to the spectrum of emotional wellbeing. We at Safe Space, are committed to making this available to you in an easy to understand, confidential and compassionate way. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and tool to be unapologetically you and lead happier lives.

Nobody understood happiness better than the Buddha and this is a journey for you that is about being mindful and fully present in your glory.


We don’t aim to replace therapy, but merely help make psychological concepts help you understand yourself in daily settings. It is truly liberating to know our triggers and ways to evolve our responses to life. We hope you find your way back to reconnection with yourself, your dreams, goals, relationships and more.

The content in the e-courses and articles is from PscyhAlive and Glendon Association, who are our partners. In my journey and quest to understand myself I chanced upon the work of Dr. Robert Firestone. Doing their e-courses (available on this site) I began to understand myself and heal. I reached out to them to make their courses and content available to people in India, and we decided to partner. Thus, the content here is developed by the experts at PscyhAlive and Glendon Association.

Thanks, Nyana