The Team

Nyana Sabharwal


Nyana is the co-founder of We Hear You, India’s only support group for families who have lost loved ones to Suicide. She has a Masters in Psychology and the Neuroscience of Mental Health from Kings College London. She is a trained Mental Health and Suicide interventionist. She has spent the past few years researching suicide.

She served as a Director at Control Print Limited and spearheaded their Corporate Social Responsibility, Services and HR platforms. She believes in humanism and approaches the workspace as a place for people to achieve not just the goals of the company but personal ambitions. She found that a large part of the corporate workforce struggled with anxiety and stress, greatly impacting their overall mental health.

She also has a Masters in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, and spent 13 years in the not-profit education sector, working towards bringing quality education to public sector schools in Mumbai and Pune.

Nyana has been through each course, tool, research and the exercises herself to validate the efficacy in its ability to bring about transformative results. She is excited to bring this to you in a friendly and approachable way, so each person can truly own their happiness and dreams. 

Madhuri is a Counseling Psychologist and has 10 years of experience in conducting various skill based training as well as Soft Skills & Behavioural Training. She comes from the Education Industry and has worked as a trainer after completing her post graduation in Counselling Psychology from SNDT University.


She is an extremely diligent, passionate and compassionate trainer who believes that life is a long, continuous journey of learning and teaching. In order to keep her zest to learn alive, she also completed her training and received the trainer certification from Dale Carnegie after 4 years of work experience.


She is creative and possesses excellent interpersonal management skills. Madhuri is extremely excited and enthused about working with people of diverse backgrounds.


She is passionate about helping people learn – and empowering people with skills to teach others. As a therapist, she believes in taking an ‘Eclectic’ approach, which is adopting a mix of the best from different schools of thought. Her strong passion in human research and behavioral study has made her realize the reality of creating a niche consistently. She has facilitated training programmes for students, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs and their employees at various levels in the organization. Madhuri is a trained Suicide First Responder. She is excited about making psychology accessible to people in a way that is useful in everyday life.

Madhuri Dadia

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