Suicide First Aid Certification

There is evidence that even people with intensely suicidal thoughts are ambivalent about dying, but are so distressed that they cannot think of an alternative. Giving a person the opportunity to talk, the amount of distress can be reduced, often enough for them to want to keep themselves safe and increase their ability to engage with available support. The chances of someone who is thinking about suicide finding someone to talk to, and relieving the distress they are experiencing, increases if there are trained people in the community who are ready, willing and able to intervene.

Course Overview

Teaching the theory and practice of suicide intervention, skills that can be applied in any professional or personal setting. Learn from trained experts in a one-day event accredited by City and Guilds of London. This unique learning experience is delivered by the most experienced suicide prevention trainers. This course is for anyone who seeks greater understanding and confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide.

Course Content

  • The impact and value of personal and professional experience with suicide

  • Barriers that prevent people at risk seeking help

  • Prevalence of suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior

  • The Signs of Suicide and the Suicide-Safety Guide

  • Partnership working and community resources

Methods of Delivery

Taught over 6 hours using tutor-facilitated Socratic learning, tutor-led role-play, mini-lectures, group work and audiovisual presentations. A highly interactive and emotionally engaging learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Suicide behavior; reasons and magnitude of the community health problem.

  •  Role of the carer in managing suicide interventions; different roles with different people.

  • Understand the approach to and process of suicide intervention, including desired outcomes

  • Understand the importance of self-reflection and personal impact when working with suicide and people at risk

Pre-training Requirement

No previous experience or training is necessary. Participants will be asked to self-reflect and empathise with a person having thoughts of suicide.
Who should attend?

Multi-sector practitioners including health, housing, social care, education, criminal justice, call centre operators, private, voluntary and public sector workers and community members.

What do participants have to say

What do participants have to say

Profile of Suicide First Responders

Anshul Kamath


Anshul began his career at Shell, UK. He later decided to transition to a more impactful path which led him establishing Great to Awesome with three of his colleagues.

Great to awesome is an organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations be their best selves and unlock their true potential. They conduct regular workshops for individuals and host podcasts of careers of significance and impact on their site.

In 2017 he joined Shortlist, a startup that aims to connect job seekers with the right jobs, on a range of projects from investor and grant fundraising to heading data science.


Ashdin Doctor

Founder & habit coach

Ashdin Doctor is a “habit coach” and founder of Awesome180.

Awesome180 aims to help people convert the “ 5 Foundation Fundamentals” ( sleep, nutrition, movement, De-stressing, Hydration & breathing) of an individual into habits that can help them live a healthy and compassionate lifestyle.

Ashdin believes that Habits are the key to living happier, more productive lives.
Through One on One habit coaching Ashdin helps his clients make meaningful changes that can be maintained for life and sets them on the path to “Awesomeness”.


Poonam Gupta

Practising Psychologist

Poonam is currently a Counsellor in Oxford Public School, Mumbai.

Her work involves dealing with children from 3 years onwards for their behavioural, academic & emotional aspects. She has also conducted workshops for teachers & parents on child psychology, parenting, & teaching aids, skills & attitude.

She has completed her Post Graduate degree in Psychotherapy and Management Sciences and has served 17 years in various aspects of Psychology catering from School Counsellor to Psychotherapist, Human Resource and Career Development management